Who Plays Online Casinos for Real Money

Entertainments via the Internet are getting more and more attractive. Nowadays, it’s one of the most requested ways of gambling in the world. Many persons try their luck here and you may be one of them. Let us find out why does it happen?
Online Casinos for Real Money Players

Reasons People Play for Real Cash

There are varieties of reasons which encourage people to do so. Mainly, it’s just a way of spending a great time. Sometimes, just having a rest may occur in playing for real money. On the other side, there’re many who tend to become popular, more seeable, to gain prestige! However, in some cases it leads to the gambling addiction.

Types of Gamblers

Different types of real money casinos players exist. Nonetheless, we are going to mention only the main ones.

  • The most successful one is a prof, who earns money for the life taking a risk.
  • On the contrary, we have compulsive gamblers who can not control themselves. They are obsessed with playing.
  • Casual social bettors are community who considers this “extreme sport” as a good hobby.
  • Serious social thrill-seekers would prefer to enjoy casino than any other way of entertainment.
  • Last group, the relief and escape users, is a really dangerous group. These are the citizens who try to outwear, to appease their sorrow spending their cash.

Social Factor Statistic

A common vision of gambler – It is a 40-50 years old single man, with a good education, who has a normal job, feels lonely and likes to risk. We are going to shed a light on it.
Gamblers in Online Casinos for Real Cash

Rich or Poor

If you saw a casino in Hollywood movies at least once, you might say that it is definitely for rich human beings. There is a strong stereotype that a guy with lots of cash switches it into chips. It is not really true. The social status is irrelevant by now; however, it is worth to mention that the rich spend way more money online.

Men or Women

Traditionally, men play more, they do it often and their bets are higher. Female part of this world has different tastes compare to male. There is an unwritten division of gambling between both sexes, where lotteries and blackjack are more for men, raffles and bingo belongs to women.

Age Influence

Players in Real Money Online Casinos

Going back in 20 or 30 years, it would be doubtless that older people were majority of players. In 2016 all new gambling stars are the youth, who, in their twenties have won thousands or more. The best example, Sydney’s “The Star Casino”, where 18-years old guy won more than 3 million dollars in 2015.

Marital Status Role in Real Money Play

This is probably one factor which has not changed over time. The main contingent – lonely, single or divorced people. They have a lot of free time so it’s a good way not only to relax and entertain but also to earn some money.